Channing Tatum Evac'd off a Glacier

In a recent Reddit AMA, Channing Tatum said he would run to Sandra Bullock's House in a Zombie Apocalypse because she'd have a stocked fridge and fight off the zombie hordes.

From Late Night with Seth Meyers

Laverne Cox in Paris

The bouncers at the exclusive club didn't recognize the Orange Is the New Black star.

From Late Night with Seth Meyers

John Oliver: The T in LGBT, Still Working On It

This week’s gay rights victory was historic, but the transgender community still faces staggering challenges. John Oliver focuses on the “T” in “LGBT."

From Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Tiny Hamster's Tiny BBQ

As always, we work closely with trainers to keep the hamsters safe and happy. All food is strictly reviewed to ensure it's hamster-healthy!